Awoof!!! HOW TO GET/SHARE 7.5GB FREE MTN DATA – no imel tweaking



Get 7.5GB Data on MTN for free?

==> Get a new MTN sim

==> text 101 to 131 for 7.5GB.

To check ur Data Balance send 2 to 131


==> First dial *131# Then reply 2 Then reply 1 to register

==> Then dial 1312*5# after registering to change pin.

==> Then 1312*2# to add beneficiary
(Beneficiaries are the numbers you wish to share ur data with, and you can only add 5, but u can change them later).

==> After adding beneficiary, then 1312*3# to share.


  1. U tink say MTN na mumu wey go just dash u 7.5gb just like dat….no nid of sayin its nat workin,d moment i saw d post i knw dat its not walking talkless of working!!!…Lolz

  2. Hahaha what a very great moment I have activated more than 20 simcard now with 7.5gb infact the also double it for me on other sims making 15
    gb chap chap…

  3. Just like that? The sim card should be registered ? This doesn’t seem real to me. Will this work? Why is it that is only u it is working for if truly it works?


    This is not a scam, it is a data sharing platform, and a lot of people have been benefiting from it all along. It is also not a code you dial from your end, since the sponsor is the only one that has the authority to share data to you, just like the way airtime transfer works.

    Data Price list :-

    2~ GB

    5~ GB

    10~ GB 

    20~ GB

    All Data are available now Place an Order now!!

    You can still order for higher data!!!

    Data sharing is a platform whereby an individual buys a certain volume of data from a telecoms e.g MTN, ETISALAT MTN, GLO AIRTEL  in bulk and share to people in lower amounts at affordable prices. It’s been no news that it has been on since last year.

    To get started, contact Us:-


    NOTE:- This Promo runs ONLY for 2 weeks only after which it goes back to the regular price. Thank you.

    [+] 30 Days Validity applies on all activations.

    [+] Activations are done within a range of 3-10

    [+] Data can be used anytime of the day and any
    day of the week.

    [+] Data works on BB, iPhone, PC, Androids,

    This is NOT tweak or cheat, 100% legal.
    All Data Plans are valid for 30 DAYS!!!…….

  5. Pls come to my rescue. I bought a new simand got it registered. I was sent a message that my sim has been successfully registered. Then I txt 101 to 131 but the respond I got was ”You do not have sufficient airtime to perform this. What can I do?

  6. The reply I got after sending it was that you dnt av sufficient …. Pls tell me av d cheat been blocked… How long would the sim stay if it is new b4 it get old and does nt work for d cheat anymore…

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