HOTTEST: GLO Unlimited Browsing For 36months



Follow the below cheat steps and start smilling n flexing unlimitedly

  1. Recharge ur glo line with N200 or N100.

  2. Quickly dial ☆170☆4#’, if u get success message of
    Globounce migration ,then d Unlimited banga will work 4u.

  3. Now subscribe for Glo smallie Data bundle by dialing☆127☆51#’ (cost N100)

  4. Goto configuration Set Ur Apn to gloflat and save.

  5. Browse for 20mins. And Then turn off ur data conection .

  6. Ask anybody or a friend scribed to Glo data to share you data, cos when data is shared ur subscription will b paused for 36months.

  7. To check your subscription paused status dial ☆127☆0#’

  8. Now ask ur friend to Remove u from his data share.

Thats all.


To share data: ‘☆127☆1☆recipient Number#’

To unshare/remove from data beneficiary list : ‘☆127☆2☆Recipient Number#’


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