How To H@ck Wifi Networks with CMD (Full tutorial)

Hi coded users its being a while,but am back,many of our fans keep requesting for Hacking wifi network tutorial(pc or android)although we dont guarantee 100% on all this ,however we are sure d below tut will wrk 4 u.

How To H@ck Wifi with CMD

1. Open cmd, to open cmd type cmd in Search or Press Win+R Then type Cmd In d box.
2. At the command prompt type

netsh wlan show network mode=bssid

3. it show all available wifi network which is in your range

How to connect Wireless Network
1. Type

netsh wlan connect name= (wifi name )

e.g netsh wlan connect name=JFnet Sata2
2. press enter now your wifi network is connected

How to discontented wifi
1. Just Type the below

netsh wlan disconnect

Note: This tut is for Educational purpose, also We do not guarantee 100% success for all users ,but u might give a try.

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